Your company runs on people, processes and product.

We make it easier for your company to manage all three.


Update Your Technology

Do you have dated software systems, but feel like you dont have the bandwidth to update them?


Build Trust In Your Systems

Do you feel reliant on one key employee to manage your operations…and want to feel more secure?


Empower Your Team

Are you running on antiquated technology that is time consuming to work with and difficult for your team to organize?


Customize To Fit Your Budget

Have you been considering automating parts of your business…but worry about the cost of a custom software solution?

“There’s probably a better way to run things, but we don’t have the time or money to figure out a new system…”

Meet Bill Pennock, founder and CEO of Squaretree Software.

Many companies don’t realize how much they could save by automating processes in their business…or they don’t realize what activities can be automated. Or they continue to use technology solutions that are no longer a fit for their needs.

We can help you save money and make it easier for everyone.

Avoid the pitfalls of using old systems that cost
your team time and efficiency.

A 5% reduction in the customer defection rate can increase profits by 5 95% Bain & Company.

Ask us about the solutions weve created for companies to help them instantly begin increasing their bottom line. Sometimes it’s hard to admit how much inefficiency is costing your company.

Is your technology outdated
…But you stick with it because
its easier than trying to find a new solution?

About Us

Squaretree Software has over 20 years continuous experience building custom applications that allow companies to work more efficiently.

A quality custom application makes the absolute best use of Human Capital in an organization, by capturing and incorporating the organizations best methodologies and making them automatic.

Because of Squaretree’s extensive project experience, we can do projects based on outcome. In other words, we will give you a flat rate for each phases of the project based on the deliverables we agree on in detail. That way, everyone’s clear and there are no surprises expenses.


Contact us and ask how we can make things easier for you.

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