Is your company interested in streamlining its processes, connecting its employees or leveraging its resources?

Squaretree’s software solutions can help you uncover the most practical and cost-effective methods of advancing your business.

Squaretree provides comprehensive solutions for projects by combining expert project management skills with technical expertise. This combination of services provides a single point of contact and accountability, creating a process that is uncomplicated and seamless.

No matter which piece of your systems and infrastructure needs to be created, improved, enhanced, or maintained your organization will only need to contact a single vendor. The need for multiple vendors and revolving door of consultants is virtually eliminated.

Application Development

Providing your company with an edge can make all of the difference in today’s competitive and fast-paced business environment. What your company or organization does differently from the rest is part of your distinction and creates that edge. In many cases, that’s why your company is chosen over another.

Our application development team can create custom solutions that will streamline your workflow, enhance communication and support your company’s financial, logistical or Sales processes.

Web Design & Development Solutions

Your website is the face and voice of your company. It’s how you communicate to your current and future consumers and in today’s world, your website is a necessity.

A professional and informative website is a prerequisite to remain competitive in an Internet-oriented business community. And an unprofessional and confusing website represents you as a company and the quality of products and services that you deliver. In fact, having a subpar website can be as costly to an organization as not having a website at all.

Squaretree’s website design and development professionals can provide your organization with what it needs to successfully achieve its goals on the web. Our innovative designers and meticulous programmers are also great listeners. We can translate your company’s goals into an attractive website that will become an integral component of your core business.

Web Application Development

Now that you have a great website, how do you use it to proactively gain and maintain clients? Many companies are creating interactive web sites that make it easier to conduct business. Instead of making a client call you to schedule an appointment, what about putting a form on your website for the request? Allowing your clients to see their history with your company? What about a return on investment calculator specifically representing the value of your services?

These are just a few ideas and ways companies are capitalizing on their websites and using them for more than just a brochure. Squaretree Software can create numerous custom web applications that can enhance your website. We can help you attract and retain clients by creating and maximizing your use of interactive web features.

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