The benefits of tape backup….it’s better than nothing!

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The benefits of tape backup….it’s better than nothing!

Seriously there is still a place for tape backup but it’s not in most small to medium business networks.  Here are the problems:

1.  It is not random access so it’s difficult to retrieve single files or folders.

2.  It is subject to degradation easily based on heat and moisture.

3.  The tapes are expensive and wear out.

4.  You must find the same tape drive to read tapes in the event of system loss (theft/fire).

5.  You must restore data separately from the operating system making restoring a complete system time consuming and error prone.

6.  When your technician finds out there is a failure that requires restoring from tape, ask them if there is fear in the pit of their stomach.  Truthful caring one’s will tell you they are nervous.

Tape was the only way we had of reasonably backing up systems till just a year or two ago.  But there are now very inexpensive disk storage devices on the market and great software to take advantage of disk as a backup medium.  These two things make tapes a VERY bad choice for new backup in nearly all cases.   Next installment on the blog….What about off-site backup?.

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