Since 1992  Squaretree Software
has been providing exceptional custom software development to businesses throughout Northern California and Arizona.

Custom Software Development

Squaretree is a client-oriented company and focuses on ensuring that each professional assigned to a project possesses the exact skills and experience required.

We have a solution-oriented approach. Our commitment to results has earned the trust and respect of its clients, and has developed a solid reputation for expertise and experience in mission-critical application development.

We have mastered the art of global sourcing the best talent, from the US, Canada, The United Kingdom, Western and Eastern Europe and South America.  This ensures that we can provide excellent talent at reasonable prices for all your needs


Meet Bill Pennock

I am Bill Pennock, founder / owner of Squaretree Software. I fell in love with software development immediately upon buying my first computer, a Commodore 64. Within a year I had created and nationally marketed three programs for that computer. While working for a school district in the Phoenix area I got my first custom software as a service client, IMTA. I still support their conventions today.

Squaretree now has a virtual office which allows me to source talent from all over the United States, Canada and Europe.  With the amazing tools today I can easily managed that from my office in Scottsdale / Phoenix.

I love talking business and then applying 30+years of experience to coming up with advice and, when appropriate, Custom Software Solutions.


  • "[Squaretree's] commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction makes me very confident in their ability to deliver great results."

    Matt Pease Microsoft Corporation
  • "The efforts of your team have greatly aided CDF in achieving what we feel were nearly impossible tasks given the time allotted."

    Department of Forestry & Fire Protection

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