Agile Scrum Methodology Helps Edtech Software Save $200K

Owner Peter Sauer estimated that over several years, they had spent upwards of $200,000 developing projects that went nowhere.

Edtech Software is a company that provides software solutions for schools that aggregate ebook content from different publishers with a school’s roster for automatic delivery to students who need them.

They had been managing their own development for several years: company leaders would hire a developer and hope those employees had the skills necessary to do their work without a lot of guidance or leadership.


How We Helped Using Agile

We introduced the Agile Scrum methodology to the company and walked the team through the processes and procedures — including building the backlog, estimating, planning and sprint management.

With Agile, the team began to deliver on time and built confidence in themselves and with the management.

To keep the Edtech team on track for the long term, we also worked closely with the team IT director, coaching him on how to replicate the process and maintain accountability structure.

The Results

Within 30 days, the company was already seeing positive results through a more organized structure. Within 90 days, the financial and organizational results were huge.

On the financial end, learning the Agile Scrum methodology saved the company big. Where once they had thrown $200K in development money toward projects that went nowhere, they were now moving forward and producing far more than they had ever done before.

Even better, Edtech is now able to focus on creating valuable products that matter.

“It is not just financial at this point,” says Sauer. “The previous costs are lost, but the products we are producing should now produce breakthrough results. Based on the value alone, it is very worthwhile in the long run.”


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