Personalizing the Client Relationship

The other day I was talking to a prospective Client about the future of their business. We had just delivered a list of services we could provide, some of which were not exactly what they asked for but items we discovered that needed to be addressed. These items were less costly than what they had asked for but would quickly answer the most immediate needs. During the conversation this potential client paid us what I consider a very large compliment. He said we had amazed him in how we had personalized our relationship to his organization.

From the time I started my own programming/consulting business as a sole proprietor more than 19 years ago I have been driven to partner with our Clients in a very personal way. As Squaretree has grown we have endeavored to continue to pursue that type of relationship. An IT resource is a big investment for most companies. It is an investment that comes with large benefits and some risks. From day one I have personalized our Clients’ issues and ask all my employees to do the same. I believe that your experience of this will be what makes Squaretree stand out as the premier provider with which you work.

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