• "Yuba Highlands would like to thank Squaretree for expertly designing an amazing site for our potential development. The site became a bigger piece of our marketing campaign than we had anticipated due to its extreme effectiveness. Every concern and question we had along the way was addressed immediately by the professional and courteous staff at Squaretree."

    Amber Hustead GRE Management Services, Inc.
  • "Squaretree Software has provided Capital Region Financial Group, LLC with outstanding solutions for over 10 years. They consistently monitor, service and evaluate our equipment and servicing needs on a smooth and ongoing basis. Compliments to Squaretree on providing us, and our community, quality service solutions for businesses in the Sacramento area."

    Caryn B. Jones Co-owner: Capital Region Financial Group LLC
  • "Your tech is always so professional; to the point and quiet. He is your stealth tech! Very easy to work with over the phone and in person. You've got a great crew, now that we've had the pleasure of everyone's visitation. He just left, we tested everything: H-A-P-P-Y!"

    Ester Swisher CRFG
  • "We are pleased to be working with Squaretree. Working with Squaretree has been a breath of fresh air."

    CU Direct Corporation
  • "Squaretree has team of professionals that provide marvelous development services. I would definitely recommend Squaretre."

    Brad Hussey
  • "CAC was in desperate need of a new website and support and Squaretree came to the rescue! They listened to our needs and produced a website that exceeded our expectations. Each time we needed to change or add something, Squaretree and their team of professionals were able to deliver results quickly and efficiently. Squaretree Software has superior customer service and a level of professionalism where the customer's needs are their number one priority."

    Deedra Withers CAC's Editor & Communications Specialist
  • "The efforts of your team have greatly aided CDF in achieving what we feel were nearly impossible tasks given the time allotted."

    Department of Forestry & Fire Protection
  • "THANK YOU!!! I submitted the form from my laptop and it worked fine. One more year down. You are the best and I'm hoping with you that 'we' (you) won't have to do this difficult process again! "

    Diane Bauer Timberworks Construction
  • "Thank you for the great service today. I can't think of the last time a potential 'serious problem' was handled so quickly, graciously and thoroughly."

  • "I just wanted to send a note to express my appreciation of the job you did revamping our web site. It was an excellent job and your staff was very responsive and easy to work with. I look forward to working on additional projects with you and your team."

    Doug Hawkins Plastic Package
  • "Our sincere thanks to Squaretree, Inc. for outstanding performance on this project."

    Employment Development Department, State of California
  • "Squaretree has excellent professionals who performed quality work in developing our firm's web presence. As an unexpected bonus, we obtained new business from our site."

    Frank Radoslovich Radoslovich Law Corporation
  • "Over the last ten years, Squaretree has demonstrated a valuable understanding of our needs as an aid to local commerce."

    Gary Brewer Sacramento Metro Chamber
  • "As a loyal Squaretree customer who started smaller, our needs have continually been met by Squaretree's cost-effective solution."

    Jim Green Northern California Cardiology Associates
  • "I really enjoy working with you, you have a great turn around and have excellent service!"

    Kim Parris Central California Appellate Program
  • "From requirements gathering through development, we were extremely impressed with Squaretree's highly professional project management and superior commitment to quality."

    Lynn Conner Parasec
  • "[Squaretree's] commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction makes me very confident in their ability to deliver great results."

    Matt Pease Microsoft Corporation
  • "I would definitely recommend Squaretree. They are always on time and complete things very quickly. Squaretree let us know from the beginning 'Tell us what you need and we'll get it done.' They have absolutely stayed true to their word and exceeded our expectations."

    Michele Sweet WGBCO (Warren G. Bender Co.)
  • "Squaretree's remarkable development team made us confident from the start of the project that we would finally get the mission critical application we needed. Not only are they technically proficient, but they took the time to listen to us and thoroughly understand our organization. These elements came together to create a product even better than we had envisioned."

    Mike Sturdivant PCBC (Pacific Coast Builders Conference)
  • "Squaretree exceeded expectations. We have an outstanding tool that we can use. We work with dozens of vendors and thousands of attendees. This is a very complicated piece of software that is incredibly easy to use. We can easily create any type of reports we need. Squaretree is able to update the software as our business changes."

    Mike Sturdivant PCBC
  • "Squaretree has an excellent eye for value through technology. The Squaretree team helped my organization deliver significant business process return through enabling software. The team helped us implement our IT project with phenomonal ease, and we are still reaping the benefits of their work here."

  • "SharePoint has been GREAT. Perhaps the most uplifting thing for staff over the past year. We've been able to work more efficiently and effectively and we are still only scratching the surface in terms of building the site out."

    Sara Naab Schaff Freedom From Hunger
  • "Just wanted to let you know I am SOOOOO happy now. My computer works like it should, thanks for your help!!!!"

    Stacy Albarran Carlson Logistics
  • I can’t thank you enough for the recent “Batch Mode” feature you added to our Add Activity Screen. I’m blown away by the number of “Thank You” messages I’ve received from both the Admin Staff and the Nursing Staff. Thanks to “YOU” our employees are VERY HAPPY! Many Thanks.

    Paula W. Excel Managed Care

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