On Time, In Budget and Beyond Expectations

We perform upgrades, custom work, installations and web design work.  This type of work is highly conceptual, the outcome is not easy to visualize and the complexity can be hidden before you actually do the work.  So how do we say we are On Time, In Budget and Beyond Expectations?

We work with our clients to make everything we can into a project.  Then we work with our clients to recognize the limitations of the process and explain how we forecast, prioritize and mitigate against the things we can not know in advance as well has create contingency plans should we not be able to avoid a problem.  These are all standard project management processes but are used less often in the small to medium business market because only a few people/companies have figured out how to apply the correct amount of process to the size jobs we encounter.

We do not mean that we can create an initial budget/time and set of expectations and always meet it without modification in mid projects.  What we do mean is that we do not get 90% through a project only to find out that we actually have no idea how much longer it will take to get past “almost done”.  It also means that if there are ambiguous pieces of the project that must get done but where it’s not clear how we will do it we will acknowledge that risk, let you decide if you want to go ahead anyway and put that problem at the head of the line so we know early if it’s going to be a problem or not.

This and many other techniques make it possible for us to make the claim that in the vast majority of cases we are On Time, In Budget and Beyond Expectations.

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